Remount horses are a mix of registered Australian Stock Horses and Quarter Horses. They are all used for competition, recreation and work in between programs.

Our Horses

The Remount owned horses are billeted out to the volunteer team who maintain their fitness and health throughout the year.

To support the Remount programs, volunteers also bring their own horses for either themselves or the visiting drovers depending on needs.

Drovers are carefully matched to their horse for each program, based on their experience and other factors.

  • Wizard

    Berragoon Wizard was bred and trained by Charlie and Sarah Grills south east of Holbrook, and is a registered Australian Stockhorse. He is by Rosebrook Falute out of Berragoon Peppercorn. Wizard was born in 2002.

    Find out more about Wizard

    • Jive

      Jive is by Haydens Knights Dream and we don’t know his Mum. Having spent his early years working in feedlots, he is now renowned for teaching Ben to ride :-). Jive has mounted many green riders and has always been a gentleman and is showing some real talent for camp drafting as he develops. Jive is a quarter horse and lives happily at “Gunben”.

      • Scorpio

        Scorpio was bred at Croyden Station by the late Graeme Acton. Scorpio is out of Sereta (by Little Thorn) by Orbiter (by Omega). He is an Australian Stock horse and was born in 1997.

        Find out more about Scorpio

        • Hunter

          Hunter is an Australian quarter horse gelding whose registered name is Ceedar Magic. He was bred by Joseph Webb at Hughenden, is by Bank Fulo CDees (Doc Olena) out of Mt Kew Jack Magics Wish (Docs Oak). Hunter’s favourite past time is to eat and chase cows, when under saddle or just in the paddock. Hunter lives with his carer, “The Binalong Drover”.



          • Kruger

            I’ll introduce myself soon ….. I live at “Gunben” and am currently trying not to eat all the green grass in this amazing season ……..

            • Taboo

              I’ll introduce myself soon ….. I am a registered Quarter Horse and I live with “The Boss Drover” ….

              • Boss

                Boss was generously donated by Nena Waldren.  He came off a droving team at West Wylong and his work ethic is second to none. Boss lives with the Miller family when he is not teaching veterans how to ride. Richard describes Boss as a proper “Point and Shoot” horse.

                • Sam

                  Sam’s full name is “Samuels Tom” and is an Australian Stock Horse gelding by Lindsay out of Lady Rob Roy. He was born in 2003. Sam is on loan to the Remount team from Hugh and Georgie Rainger. Hugh’s late father Terry Rainger bought Sam at the Landmark Classic in 2007.  The “Binalong Drover” kindly cares for Sam (along with Hunter).

                  • Rusty

                    Rusty also lives with the Miller family and is an Australian Stock Horse.

                    • Frog

                      Frog is a 3 year old Quarter Horse filly by Mr Salty Blue Man out of Olenas Makin’ Magic. Susan Grant has very kindly loaned Frog to Remount permanently – so generous and very much appreciated!

                      • Bundy

                        Bundy is a 9 year old gelding by High Brows Doctor out of Spindletop. He came to Remount on a very generous deal from Wendy Gould and her husband Chris, for which Remount is very grateful.

                        Bundy is quiet, well trained and a real pleasure to handle. Bundy is the perfect all-rounder for Remount.