Remount is staffed by a team of dedicated volunteers. Once accepted as a volunteer, everyone is inducted through a formal and detailed training session, ensuring consistency and readiness across our whole team.


Our volunteers are the keystone of Remount. Without these dedicated men, women and children, Remount simply could not deliver the excellent and professional level of tuition, hospitality and experience.

Our mounted Stockmen and women have decades of horsemanship experience between them, and our ground crew are the best camp cooks in Australia.

  • Adrian Lawler
    Adrian Lawler

    Affectionate known to all as the “Boss Drover”, Adrian brings many decades of horsemanship and life skills to the team. Always one to give selflessly, the Boss helps people in many ways as they find their way through the program.

    • Karen Williams
      Karen Williams

      Karen is a former serving Airforce Officer, a sheep farmer, midwife and Pony Club Mum. Karen has been integral in drafting the initial training and induction programs and attends many of the Remount Programs as a “Ringer”.

      • Richard Miller
        Richard Miller

        Richard (RG) Miller is a key part of the team. Along with his family RG gives all of himself and shares his love of horses and leatherwork with our visiting Drovers. Richard is also a Director of Remount and is actively involved in Business Development and Public Affairs.

        • Melissa Weller
          Melissa Weller

          Melissa, also known as the “Binalong Drover” has been riding since she was a girl. With a passion for helping others, and sharing her love of horses, Mel is a vital part of the team.

          • Nicolle Slaven
            Nicolle Slaven

            I love introducing people to horses, seeing them experience great joy in practising horsemanship, and then watching them become part of the Remount family and community. I am proud to be a member of the Remount team.

            • Jim & Sally Hutton
              Jim & Sally Hutton

              We support Remount because we know and have felt the good it does for personal wellbeing of veterans and first-responders.

              • Les Parducci
                Les Parducci

                Remount is a wonderful team of individuals dedicated to assisting through the power of kindness, respect and love for horses. As a veteran, I feel privileged that I can heal myself by helping others.

                • Janny Poate
                  Janny Poate

                  I love being a part of this great organisation supporting veterans. I have seen the power of horses in healing and giving back self-confidence to veterans suffering from war service.

                  • Craig (Crossy) Crossan
                    Craig (Crossy) Crossan

                    First and foremost, I am a husband and a father, and I work as an Intensive Care Paramedic. Prior to that I was in the Australian Regular Army with multiple overseas deployments. The amazing experiences with Remount have been life changing and I try to give back when I can.

                    • Jacqueline Swinton
                      Jacqueline Swinton

                      Remount is not just a team, it’s a family! It’s being part of something bigger, a support network and most importantly an opportunity to help veterans and give back to the community.

                      • Jennifer Wittwer
                        Jennifer Wittwer

                        I’m a member of the Remount team because Together Everyone Achieves More!

                        • Christian Duncan
                          Christian Duncan

                          I love being part of the Remount family as I really enjoy being around people and sharing our stories.

                          • Tony Payne
                            Tony Payne

                            A horse is my happy place where I can stay calm, focused and in the moment.

                            • Kassie Miller
                              Kassie Miller

                              My love of horses, a chance to give back to those who have served and being part of the wonderful and growing Remount family.