Remount is delivered to veterans and their families at no charge, and is resourced by our dedicated team of volunteers. We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting Remount and making sure each of our Drovers experience is first class.


Remount Limited is a registered not for profit organisation and all donations over $2 are fully tax deductible. All donated funds are invested in running the programs and acquiring more horses for our Drovers.  If you wish to make a donation, please email ben@remount.org.au and we can answer all your questions. Check our DGR Status here.



  • Weeroona

    Weeroona is a local wool grower, and they have just donated some Angus Barrett saddle pads to Remount.

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    • Lockheed Martin
      Lockheed Martin

      Lockheed Martin announced a major cash sponsorship for 2017/2018 which will cover all operating expenses and will allow for growth.

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      • Yass Soldier Club
        Yass Soldier Club

        Yass Soldiers Club have signed a four year cash sponsorship to Remount which will fund the operating expenses of our horse truck.

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        • Yass Valley Veterinary
          Yass Valley Veterinary

          Yass Valley Vets have been looking after the Remount horses almost since we commenced operations in 2016. Their professionalism, dedication and generosity afforded to our amazing team of horses is invaluable and we thank them for it.

          • RB Sellars
            RB Sellars

            RB Sellars clothing is worn proudly by our Veterans and the whole team at Remount. Generously donated so that each visitor can be part of the team and then wear the quality gear when they go home makes a huge impact on our offering. Thank you RB Sellars