“Brilliantly designed for instantaneous escape, the horse is a hyper-vigilant walking time bomb wrapped in a defensive shield of sophisticated sensory radar, forever ready to explode into a run with the fastest reaction time of any animal on the planet. The simple fact of knowing this – seeing horses from this perspective and, most important, seeing life from the horse’s point of view – is transformative. It allows for a level of relationship between human and horse, prey and predator, that would otherwise be impossible. Finally it allows for compassion, the single most important ingredient in any mutually beneficial relationship”

[“Riding Home” 2015 by Tim Hayes and Robert Redford] 

Power of the horse to heal

Horses provides a “circuit-breaking” opportunity for people suffering PTSD, depression, isolation or lack of self-esteem as a result of their service. These breakthroughs enable change in people’s lives which creates positive pathways that have long lasting effects. Breakthroughs can come in many ways such as:

Increased social connection

Reduced signs of PTSD

Increased motivation and self-worth

Feeling connected and valued

Sense of optimism about the future

Renewed pride in service history

Increased confidence

Horses don’t judge, yet they will mirror your thoughts and behaviour.

To truly master the relationship with a horse we must first control our own emotions and be completely “present” in order to build trust and respect. Once that is achieved, the outcomes as a team are endless.

Horses are a herd animal and constantly seek to find their place in the pecking order. By the rider assuming the lead role with confidence and clarity, it gives the horse confidence in their safety and facilitates a connection of trust where both horse and rider feel rewarded. Remount works with the rider to find that confidence and clarity, then we watch the magic happen.