“Brilliantly designed for instantaneous escape, the horse is a hyper-vigilant walking time bomb wrapped in a defensive shield of sophisticated sensory radar, forever ready to explode into a run with the fastest reaction time of any animal on the planet. The simple fact of knowing this – seeing horses from this perspective and, most important, seeing life from the horse’s point of view – is transformative. It allows for a level of relationship between human and horse, prey and predator, that would otherwise be impossible. Finally it allows for compassion, the single most important ingredient in any mutually beneficial relationship”

[“Riding Home” 2015 by Tim Hayes and Robert Redford] 

Power of the horse to heal

Horses provide a “circuit-breaking” opportunity for people suffering PTSD, depression, isolation or lack of self-esteem as a result of their service.

These breakthroughs enable change in people’s lives which creates positive pathways that have long lasting effects. Breakthroughs can come in many ways, such as:

  • Increased social connection
  • Reduced signs of PTSD
  • Increased motivation and self-worth
  • Feeling connected and valued
  • Sense of optimism about the future
  • Renewed pride in service history
  • Increased confidence


  • “I wanted to say thank you once again for getting me involved with Remount. It was a really great thing to be a part of! I also wanted to share this with you just to show how valuable and effective the program actually is! I have been tracking my progress (PTSD Monitor) for the past six weeks now and there is a clear change”

  • “But it is I who can’t thank both of you enough for what was, for me, a very special weekend. You have developed something quite unique and, with your team of wonderful volunteer stockmen and ringers, deliver a program that truly does assist those who have served to “get back in the saddle”

  • “So very much appreciated, we in the veteran community are truly amazed and so very thankful”

  • “Thank you for all that you do for the veteran community. I have been involved with Remount for a number of years now and each time I ride with Remount I feel refreshed, calm and connected”

  • “Scorpio is a bloody legend. He was the first horse I had the privilege of riding at Remount. He could read my body language (anxious/scared) and riding inability and treated me accordingly. He gave me the courage to come back and do more equine therapy at Remount, which has profoundly impacted my life. Thankyou Scorpio, and all of the Remount volunteers - you truly make a difference to so many lives”

  • “I have found newfound confidence in myself and experienced the joy of finally living in my bliss. I will leave the experience a changed and emboldened woman”

  • “I will never forget it and it has changed me”

  • “Thank you so much. This experience has given me so much confidence”

Horses don’t judge, yet they will mirror your thoughts and behaviour.


  • “Thank you to everyone for an awesome experience. Everyone was so kind and helpful, especially Scorpio”

  • “This weekend has changed me. My focus, my confidence, and my abilities have been reinforced, strengthened and solidified. I walk away from here with a smile and a spring in my step that I have missed over the past years”

  • “Everything exceeded my expectations and I have come away from the experience with a quiet mind – something that doesn’t usually happen ….. I appreciate the warmth, understanding, caring, tutorage, patience, amazing food, thoughtful details and ambience of the whole place. I can’t believe the difference just 2 days makes!!!!!”

  • “I had an amazing weekend, full of laughs. I learnt so much in these 2 days, more than I could have imagined. Purely from all the people who were fantastic and restored by faith in good people …….”

  • “Absolute fantastic weekend. Learnt so much and had a ball. Thank you so much for everything. An awesome confidence builder”

  • “The most amazing day!!! My stress levels and blood pressure dropped as soon as my bum hit the saddle ….”

  • “Remount was great. I learnt a lot about horses, bonding and saddles. I'd love to go back”

  • “Life changing. An opportunity to connect to nature and remember how simple life needs to be ……”

  • “The energy at Remount and kindness for other people is something you can’t fake and it was magic to experience this again”

  • “The Remount course amazing, having zero experience with horse riding from day one then creating a bond with “Darby” and mustering cattle was an experience I’ll cherish forever”

  • “Absolutely fantastic people, horses and experience. I was made to feel at home and totally enjoyed my experience. Hunter is the best horse ever”

  • “It was so nice to be back in the saddle and enjoy life again. Thank you for making me and everyone feel so safe and welcome”

  • “Thank you for the opportunity to take the stress away for a day”

  • “Thank you for all your encouragement and support. I came petrified of horses and have left making a horse friend (Scorpes)”

  • “I liked the encouraging nature of the leaders at Remount, they pushed me forward and showed me that I could do things, like cantering, that I thought I would never be able to do”

To truly master the relationship with a horse we must first control our own emotions and be completely “present” in order to build trust and respect. Once that is achieved, the outcomes as a team are endless.


  • “I had no riding experience at all and was a bit apprehensive when I offered to fill a last-minute vacant spot on the day, but the Remount staff and volunteers made me feel comfortable immediately and gave me a lot of confidence. Soon I had developed a big grin that didn’t leave my face until we got in the car to drive back to Canberra. Thanks very much to Legacy and Remount for a wonderful experience”

  • “It was my second time back and I loved every bit of it. Everyone there is kind and pushes you to try things that may be out of your comfort zone and is very rewarding. I would love to come back and keep coming back”

  • “It's heart-warming that people in the community can offer what they love doing, and what they are good at, and provide that experience to the Defence Community in a generous and professional manner”

  • “Thank you Remount for your generosity and thoughtfulness. It certainly provides an amazing opportunity to spend a day outdoors with horses and have an experience that you'll always remember”

  • “We can’t thank you all enough for such a special experience 🙏🏼 your warm hospitality and kind support made for the most amazing weekend”

  • “Thank you Remount Family, you have made an incredibly positive difference to my life!”

  • “I am forever grateful for the opportunity. It has been a weekend I will not forget. I can’t thank you enough and I will definitely come back and encourage others who need it to contact you. You guys are amazing”

  • “The beautiful Remount continues to grow. Such a joy and honour to be part of it”

Horses are a herd animal and constantly seek to find their place in the pecking order. By the rider assuming the lead role with confidence and clarity, it gives the horse confidence in their safety and facilitates a connection of trust where both horse and rider feel rewarded.


  • “Remount is an amazing place - if your curious take the leap you won’t be disappointed”

  • “You have no idea how important it is for me being given the opportunity to help during the weekend. I also did not expect it to be so powerful. When I said that you didn't realise that you had 7 drovers instead of 6, I meant every word. Witnessing your hard work, your kindness to others, your skills and compassion made me feel part of something special. Watching how John opened up and suddenly lowered his barriers was unbelievable. Listening to him speaking so openly about his troubled journey made me more aware on how many similarities I have with him and was a real eye opener. If you are still reading this, I can only say thank you…………….What you do is remarkable and it's truly an honour being able to help in any way. I hope I can assist in your future program and please never ever hesitate to seek me for anything you night need. I am forever grateful”

  • “On behalf of Canberra Legacy thank you and your wonderful organisation for hosting four Legacy Youth, a Legacy Widow and one of our Legatees at Remount on 26 October…………The work that you and your team do in support of veterans and their families is amazing. Your volunteers are a credit to our Nation”

  • “For almost ten years now I have battled PTSD, depression and anxiety which has slowly stripped me of a large part of who I am: my confidence, my self-esteem, my strength, my laughter, my happiness and my sense of self………………the second 24 hours I felt a sense of peace, happiness and confidence I haven’t felt in a long time. But most importantly I felt hope that the old me is still in there. That is what you, your Remount Family, Kruger, the other Lady Drovers and your serene property and excellent program did for me”

  • “My words cannot describe my thanks and enjoyment over the past two days”

“Horsemanship is the art of mastering our own movements, thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Not the horses” [Mark Rashid]

  • “...everything far exceeded my expectations and I have come away from the experience with a quiet mind, something that doesn’t usually happen”

  • “The farm always makes us feel so welcome and the exercises from arena to paddock gave us both the confidence boost needed”

  • “I don’t really have the words to describe how truly thankful I am for such a fantastic weekend………on the mental health side Remount hits the target right in the centre”

  • “It’s made me focus my thoughts on what is possible despite setbacks in life. Positivity abounds aplenty here, which will stick with me. So much has gone on here in two days which will take a while to process, but it’s all good”

  • “When I stopped over thinking what I was doing and just went with it a shift occurred between Darby and I. Then I got it, he got me, and I understood. Forever grateful”

  • “I can’t thank you all enough for your amazing work and making me feel like family. My heart is so full”

  • “My words cannot describe my thanks and enjoyment over the past two days”

Remount works with the rider to find that confidence and clarity, then we watch the magic happen.